Monday, February 20, 2017

Future Career

1. I am thinking about going into the robotics career path. I like doing the building part in robotics. It's exciting to get to build robots. It would be even more fun to have it as my career. An attribute for a robotics career is that I am on the South Haven robotics team.

2. A college that can help me achieve this career is Michigan Tech. Michigan Tech is one of the best robotics colleges. Going to this college will look good on my record. If a company had to choose between two workers, the company would choose the worker that went to the better college.

3. Engineering wages start in the 60,000's and have a mean of around 100,000. I got this data from the website below.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Another Ted Talk Tingy

1. Today's Ted Talk fits into our last unit very well. Our last unit was all about companies advertising their products. Today's Ted Talk was about the Nike shoe market. They are similar because they both talk about a company's product.

2. The man says that there are two markets for Nike. He is talking about the actual stock market and the shoe market. The shoe market isn't an official stock market. It's a market where people buy and sell collectible Nike shoes. That is what the man means when he says there are two markets for Nike.

3. If there were a " Stock Market of Things", I would invest in video games. Older games are no longer being produced which makes them more valuable. I know that many of the older games are being produced for computers, but it is still not the original copy. There are many people that only want the original copy of a game and would pay lots of money for one. That is why I would choose to invest in video games.

Here is a link that talks about a few of the old and valuable video games:

Monday, February 6, 2017

Articles and Virtual Reality

1. The genre for the article I used for last week's blog was a news article.

2. The text structure of this article was description. I feel this way because the article describes how the vehicle companies Porshe and Ferrari are catching up in performance to the vehicle company, Ford. That is why I feel this article uses the text structure, description.

3. Virtual reality is the most interesting to me. Virtual reality can allow you to travel to any place you want. If you can't afford to go to Paris, France, then you can use your VR system to virtually travel through the city. Virtual reality is becoming more and more popular. VR sets are affordable too. You can get a cheap one today for about ten dollars. That is why I decided to talk about virtual reality.

Here is a link talking more about VR headsets.

Monday, January 30, 2017


1. Non-fiction writings are articles that are based off of real facts, people, and events. An example of a non-fiction writing is a biography. Biographies are about a person's life. There would be no point in writing a biography if it was fiction. That is why a biography is a good example of a non-fiction writing.

2. Fiction was a good way to start school because it helped at making kids more creative.I think that we switched to non-fiction because we are high schoolers and are becoming adults and need to be prepared for the real world. Fiction doesn't help out very much in the real world, but non-fiction does. That is why our curriculum switched from fiction to non-fiction.

3. Below is the link to an article about racing in the magazine, Motorsport News International. The article talks about how the vehicle companies Porsche and Ferrari are catching up in performance against the vehicle company Ford. I chose this article because cars interest me.

Article Link:

Monday, January 23, 2017

The Final Countdown

1. Everything these days is becoming more involved with technology and less involved with real life things. Many things are being changed from real life to on a computer. A good example of this is classes. Before, classes were only held in a classroom at a school. Now, people can take any class they want on a computer. The real question is which of these classes are better. Classes online are not as good as regular classes.

2. Paris is a better husband for Juliet. Paris was polite to Juliet and asked her about marriage a normal way. By doing this, Paris knew what he was getting into and was ready to be a husband. Even Juliet's parents approved that Juliet should marry Paris. Romeo on the other hand, had recently been obsessed with another girl. Romeo randomly met Juliet at a party and all of a sudden fell in love with her. Romeo even broke into her house so he could see her. Isn't that kind of messed up. Also, since Romeo just met Juliet, he hasn't truly thought about marriage. That is why Paris would be a better husband for Juliet.

3. Narratives and memoirs are both important pieces of writing. Both of these are very similar. They both include information about things that happen in the author's life. The difference between the two is that narratives are based off of an event while a memoir is more focused on the author as an individual. That is why both of these are important pieces of writing.

Here is a website that tells the difference between narratives and memoirs.

Monday, January 9, 2017

Ted Talk Thingy

1. Frederick the Great treated the potato plant like it was royalty. He had guards guarding the potatoes. This made people think that if potatoes are worth guarding, then they are worth stealing. This made the perceived value go up in potatoes. Ataturk had prostitutes wear veils so others would stop wearing them. This made the perceived value go down in veils.

2Rory's idea to change the train ride is perceived value. If you put beautiful men and women on a train, it makes the train ride feel much shorter. So instead of actually changing the length of the ride, it will just feel shorter. That is why Rory's idea is perceived value.

3. It is easier to change perspective than it is to change reality. People today easily change their perspective about things. Most people go along with what is trending. If people see something online that everyone does or agrees with, that person will most likely start doing that or agreeing with it. That is why it is easier to change perspective over reality.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Ad Unit Summary

I feel that polls/surveys are reliable when they are cited in a study. If the survey isn't cited, then the survey loses its credibility. When people see cited surveys in a study, people begin to lean in favor of the facts presented in the survey. That is why I think citing a survey is important.

I think that the hardest part of this unit is deciding on hooks. This is really difficult because everyone likes different hooks. This makes it very hard to decide on a few hooks. Some girl might love ads with celebrity appeal while another girl might love ads with hyperboles. That is why I think deciding on hooks was the hardest part of the unit.

The ad I chose has a picture of Michael Jordan on a Wheaties cereal box. The two used hooks are celebrity appeal and hyperbole. This is categorized as celebrity appeal because Michael Jordan is on it. It is also classified as a hyperbole because on the box it states, "The Breakfast of Champions". It is practically saying that all champions eat this cereal for breakfast. This ad uses brand value because it is advertising Wheaties, a well-known cereal brand.
Here is a link that will bring you to the ad: