Monday, January 23, 2017

The Final Countdown

1. Everything these days is becoming more involved with technology and less involved with real life things. Many things are being changed from real life to on a computer. A good example of this is classes. Before, classes were only held in a classroom at a school. Now, people can take any class they want on a computer. The real question is which of these classes are better. Classes online are not as good as regular classes.

2. Paris is a better husband for Juliet. Paris was polite to Juliet and asked her about marriage a normal way. By doing this, Paris knew what he was getting into and was ready to be a husband. Even Juliet's parents approved that Juliet should marry Paris. Romeo on the other hand, had recently been obsessed with another girl. Romeo randomly met Juliet at a party and all of a sudden fell in love with her. Romeo even broke into her house so he could see her. Isn't that kind of messed up. Also, since Romeo just met Juliet, he hasn't truly thought about marriage. That is why Paris would be a better husband for Juliet.

3. Narratives and memoirs are both important pieces of writing. Both of these are very similar. They both include information about things that happen in the author's life. The difference between the two is that narratives are based off of an event while a memoir is more focused on the author as an individual. That is why both of these are important pieces of writing.

Here is a website that tells the difference between narratives and memoirs.

Monday, January 9, 2017

Ted Talk Thingy

1. Frederick the Great treated the potato plant like it was royalty. He had guards guarding the potatoes. This made people think that if potatoes are worth guarding, then they are worth stealing. This made the perceived value go up in potatoes. Ataturk had prostitutes wear veils so others would stop wearing them. This made the perceived value go down in veils.

2Rory's idea to change the train ride is perceived value. If you put beautiful men and women on a train, it makes the train ride feel much shorter. So instead of actually changing the length of the ride, it will just feel shorter. That is why Rory's idea is perceived value.

3. It is easier to change perspective than it is to change reality. People today easily change their perspective about things. Most people go along with what is trending. If people see something online that everyone does or agrees with, that person will most likely start doing that or agreeing with it. That is why it is easier to change perspective over reality.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Ad Unit Summary

I feel that polls/surveys are reliable when they are cited in a study. If the survey isn't cited, then the survey loses its credibility. When people see cited surveys in a study, people begin to lean in favor of the facts presented in the survey. That is why I think citing a survey is important.

I think that the hardest part of this unit is deciding on hooks. This is really difficult because everyone likes different hooks. This makes it very hard to decide on a few hooks. Some girl might love ads with celebrity appeal while another girl might love ads with hyperboles. That is why I think deciding on hooks was the hardest part of the unit.

The ad I chose has a picture of Michael Jordan on a Wheaties cereal box. The two used hooks are celebrity appeal and hyperbole. This is categorized as celebrity appeal because Michael Jordan is on it. It is also classified as a hyperbole because on the box it states, "The Breakfast of Champions". It is practically saying that all champions eat this cereal for breakfast. This ad uses brand value because it is advertising Wheaties, a well-known cereal brand.
Here is a link that will bring you to the ad:

Monday, December 5, 2016

Teen Advertising

     It is very important to support your arguments with data. Without showing data, there is no way to prove that your argument is valid. Without data, the argument falls apart and becomes an opinion. That is the difference between a valid argument and a simple opinion.

     Alternate claims are also very important in arguments. It is important for competing advertisers to know the pros and cons of a competing product. If you practice this method, you will be able to create a better advertisement than other competitors. That is why alternate claims are important.

     The audience for my paper are people who want to learn about advertising to teens. I am trying to prove to teens that celebrity appeal and hooks are the best ways to advertise. Hooks are a great way to advertise to teens. When teens see something funny, like a funny hook, they can remember the product and the advertiser. Celebrity appeals are also a good way to advertise to teens. Many teens look up to their favorite celebrity and think of them as their role model. This way when they see a commercial with that celebrity, they will be more interested in it.


Monday, November 28, 2016


1. There are three types of values in ads. The type of value used in this ad is badge value. I can tell that badge value is used because it infers that buying a yacht will put you on a higher level. This is why I classify this ad as a badge value ad.

2. There are three different types of claims to choose from. I think the unique claim makes more of an impact on consumers. I think this because this claim is truthfully telling you that their product has a unique feature that competing products don't have. That is why I think the unique claim is most effective.

3. It makes sense to use messaging value over brand value. This method focuses on the product's feature instead of focusing on the brand name. Lots of the unpopular brands use this method. That is why a company would use this type of advertising.
Here is a website that talks more about brand value:

Monday, October 24, 2016

Romeo and Juliet questions

1. Romeo and Juliet show an example of romantic love. They have romantic love because their attraction is physical. It also says in the article that Romeo and Juliet are the most famous example of romantic love. Romantic love surpasses any kind of barrier, like the family feud. Romantic love can also be described as being extremely shortsighted.

2. Compassionate love is the best choice. I feel this way because it is much slower and steadier than the others. This love also isn't always based on physical attraction. It also isn't always based on the pleasure of company. This is why compassionate love is the best choice.

3. I think that Juliet is much more responsible with her emotions. The article states that Juliet cares for the well-being of Romeo. This example was shown when Romeo and Tybalt had their conflict. The article also states that Romeo is extremely shortsighted. This is why I think Juliet is more responsible with her emotions.

Here is a website that explains more of the differences between romantic and compassionated love.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Romeo and Juliet

1. Romeo and Juliet is a political story. It is a political story because the Montagues and Capulets ignored the prince's proclamations. This led to the exile of Romeo. If Romeo returned to the city, he would be executed. That is one reason Romeo and Juliet is a political story.

2. Romeo and Juliet fits the structure of a tragety. It fits this structure because of many things. The main reasons this is a tragedy is because two mostly good people commit suicide. One of the things that led to the two suicides was Romeo and Juliet's family feud. This is why Romeo and Juliet fits the structure of a tragety.

3. Back in Shakespeare's time, going to a play was just like going to a party. They were loud events. People didn't dress up for plays back then. Most people didn't really watch the play intently. Now, plays are considered as a fancy thing. I have been to one play recently and  everyone there was dressed nicely. That is why I know about plays today.

Here is a link to the entire Romeo and Juliet play: