Monday, March 20, 2017


1. Nowadays, it is important to get a college degree. Before, it wasn't as necessary to get a college degree in order to get a job. College degrees are more important now because you need them to get a higher paying job. The website says that people that go to college and get good grades, you will get more money.

2. Better grades are linked to a greater probability of going to graduate school and earning another advanced degree. Since I have good grades, I will be more likely to go to college and get a degree. That is why it is important to have good grades.

3. The correlation between high school grades and overall education attainment was strongest for minorities. This could be because minorities are trying harder since they are in a different culture. Employers also like hiring these people. Hiring them makes their company look more diverse.

Here is a website that tells you how to improve your grades

Monday, March 13, 2017

Military Academy

1. The military school is made up of latinos and special needs children.The number of students at the military school increased by 27%. The number is increasing because more people are finding out that the program is helping out these kids. This makes the parent's want to send there. The article shows evidence of what kind of kids and how many kids are joining.

2. This military academy is teaching out of control kids to learn self-discipline. This system is helping them prepare for future life. Other things they learn are skills like self-reliance and leadership.

3. Student responsibility is very important. This is the difference between an all A student and a student that is failing. The A student is being responsible and doing their homework. The failing student is being lazy and isn't doing their homework. A way to change that in South Haven is to make homework worth more points. There are quite a few classes at the high school that use the 80%-20% rule. This means that tests are worth 80% of your grade and homework is worth 20% of your grade. I think that if this is changed, kids will start taking more responsibility and do their homework because it will be worth more points.

Here is a link that explains the importance of self-responsibility:

Monday, March 6, 2017

Kids these days

1. I agree that social media should be took into account. If you only look at the person's grades, you won't be able to tell what the person is actually like. If you look at the person's social media posts, you will be able to see who the person is and how they act. If someone posts inappropriate things during high school, they will probably do the same thing in college. Since most colleges want kids that act appropriately, they will choose the kid that posts good and informational things. That is why it is important to take social media into account.

2. I agree with this observation. Many kids are always focused on what other people think about them and not how they feel. Lots of kids will always try to be funny so they are more popular. Some people become friends with people they don't even like. Kids need to stop acting like someone else and act how they normally would. This is how you get true friends and true respect.

3. High school rules are a good way to prepare for life. High school teaches you many traits you need to keep a job. One example is being on time. If you are late too many times, you can't get out of the exam in high school. If you are late to a job too many times, you will get fired. Another example is phones. If you are on your phone in class, you will get yelled at. If you are on your phone at work, you could get fired. That is why the rules in high school are important for future.

Here is a link that talks about how school prepares students for life:

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Moving Out

I have researched two bedroom apartments in Kalamazoo area. I found an apartment at the Bronco club for 500 dollars. This means if I split the cost with a roommate, I would only have to pay 250 dollars.

There are a lot of monthly bills when you live by yourself. This includes cell phone bill, 20 dollars, gasoline bill, 50 dollars, car insurance, 200 dollars, electricity, 20 dollars(after being split with my roommate). I can change the oil myself for about 40 dollars. I can eat for about 70 dollars a month. I will bring my x-box 360 from home for entertainment. With laundry, soap, and haircuts, it would cost around 90 dollars.

It would be very stressful living from paycheck to paycheck. It could be very dangerous because you could hurt yourself and you wouldn't be able to work. This means no paycheck. If you have a valuable skill, you would be able to get more money from a job. That is why it is good to learn a valuable skill.

Here is a link showing my apartment:

Monday, February 20, 2017

Future Career

1. I am thinking about going into the robotics career path. I like doing the building part in robotics. It's exciting to get to build robots. It would be even more fun to have it as my career. An attribute for a robotics career is that I am on the South Haven robotics team.

2. A college that can help me achieve this career is Michigan Tech. Michigan Tech is one of the best robotics colleges. Going to this college will look good on my record. If a company had to choose between two workers, the company would choose the worker that went to the better college.

3. Engineering wages start in the 60,000's and have a mean of around 100,000. I got this data from the website below.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Another Ted Talk Tingy

1. Today's Ted Talk fits into our last unit very well. Our last unit was all about companies advertising their products. Today's Ted Talk was about the Nike shoe market. They are similar because they both talk about a company's product.

2. The man says that there are two markets for Nike. He is talking about the actual stock market and the shoe market. The shoe market isn't an official stock market. It's a market where people buy and sell collectible Nike shoes. That is what the man means when he says there are two markets for Nike.

3. If there were a " Stock Market of Things", I would invest in video games. Older games are no longer being produced which makes them more valuable. I know that many of the older games are being produced for computers, but it is still not the original copy. There are many people that only want the original copy of a game and would pay lots of money for one. That is why I would choose to invest in video games.

Here is a link that talks about a few of the old and valuable video games:

Monday, February 6, 2017

Articles and Virtual Reality

1. The genre for the article I used for last week's blog was a news article.

2. The text structure of this article was description. I feel this way because the article describes how the vehicle companies Porshe and Ferrari are catching up in performance to the vehicle company, Ford. That is why I feel this article uses the text structure, description.

3. Virtual reality is the most interesting to me. Virtual reality can allow you to travel to any place you want. If you can't afford to go to Paris, France, then you can use your VR system to virtually travel through the city. Virtual reality is becoming more and more popular. VR sets are affordable too. You can get a cheap one today for about ten dollars. That is why I decided to talk about virtual reality.

Here is a link talking more about VR headsets.