Monday, June 5, 2017

The Final Blog

Part One

1. The article that I read about is called "Marbled Maidens Strike a Pose". The Acropolis Museum restored ancient statues of women by having scientists laser off the layers of grime to show the beautiful stone. These scientists also were able to create a 3D model of what the Parthenon looked like.The Acropolis Museum also sells a Greek-like breakfast to go along with all the Greek statues.

2. The purpose of this article is to inform you about the restoration of the Greek statues.

3. Description is the text structure of this article.

4. This article has red bolded words, a picture of the statues, and a map of Athens, Greece.

Part Two

1. I think the big difference in the votes is because women are in the first person perspective of how it is to be a woman. They are the ones who are suffering discrimination up front. That is probably why there is such a big difference in the votes.

Here is a link that tells more about how women get discriminated:

Monday, May 22, 2017

Shawn Ted Talk

I have a good friend that goes to this school. His old girlfriend just broke up with him and he had been feeling quite depressed. One of the girls in our class liked him but he didn't know. I told him and he became happy. Just a few days ago, he went on a date with her. That is my most recent lollipop moment that I gave to someone.

1. Social media can improve your quality of life. This is because social media allows you to share your favorite moments with the world. It is an easy way to make new friends. That is why social media can improve your quality of life.

2. Shawn has a few really strong passions. These passions include snowboarding, skateboarding, and having fun with his daughter. The line he lives by is making every day the best day ever. My passions are playing golf, playing tennis, and hanging out with friends and family. When I become an adult, my passion will be creating mechanical devices as an engineer.

3. There are two parts to social media. These two parts are the creators and the consumers. When you are a creator, you can inspire others to pursue their passion. When you are a consumer, you can support their passion so the creator will keep pursuing their passion.

4. This is a very good story. The message of this story is telling us to keep on going, no matter what people say. This story will probably help me in the future.

Here is an article that tells more about the benefits of social media:

Monday, May 15, 2017

Lollipop Moments

1. Lollipop moments happen all the time, many of which I can't remember. One that I do remember is about golf. When it came near springtime, I decided that I didn't want to do track, like I usually do. Since I wasn't doing a spring sport, my dad suggested that I do golf. I was questionable at first because golf looked boring. I decided to go to the first day of practice. When I showed up, I saw a few familiar faces. One person there was one of my best friends. He introduced me to the rest of the team. Today, those team members are good friends of mine. If it wasn't for my dad getting me to do golf, and my friend inviting me into the group, I wouldn't be playing golf today. I never told these people that I never would have done golf if it wasn't for them. That is one of my memorable lollipop moments.

2. Marianne Williamson's quote means that people aren't scared of making no impact on people's lives, but making a big impact on people's lives. Many people would think that it is weird to get into other people's lives. I agree with this quote because I am one of these people that don't want to make big impacts on other people's lives.

Here is a link for some more quotes from Marianne Williamson:

Monday, May 8, 2017

Classic Books

1. There are many ways to explain classic books. In my opinion, classic books are the best books. These are the kind of books that are always exciting, no matter how much you read them. These are just a few of the ways to describe classic books.

2. Literary canon is when a certain collection of books are judged against another collection of books. One example of canon is William Shakespeare. His books are classics that people compare their or other books to. Since many people like William Shakespeare's books, comparing yours to it will prove if people will like it or not.

3. I do not think that books should be banned. Many schools wanted to ban Of Mice and Men because of its foul language and discrimination. Instead of banning the book, the school could black out the mean and harmful words in the book. This way, kids can still learn what life was like at that time.

Here is a link that tells more about classic books:

Monday, May 1, 2017

The Dust Bowl

1.  Dust pneumonia is caused when you have too much exposure to dust. This medical condition is caused by the dust bowl in the 1930's. Death is a common symptom to dust pneumonia. As you can see, dust pneumonia is very dangerous.

2. Many people would put vaseline on their noses to prevent them from breathing it in. Dust pneumonia is caused by the Dust Bowl, sand storms in droughted areas. During the sand storms, the dust would stay in the air and cause people to inhale it.

3. If I could only bring one bag with me, I would pack it with as much money as I could. With all that money, I could buy a new place to live. I could buy food and new things at the new place. That is why I would pack the bag with money.

Here is a link that talks about the dust bowl:

Monday, April 24, 2017


1. The PSA was very effective in my opinion. Seeing and hearing the woman scream was very effective. You can really see what it would be like to be in her situation. When people see this, they don't want to be the person that caused the crash and be one of the only survivors of the crash. This will cause people to not be on their phones and distract other people in the vehicle. That is why this PSA was effective.

2. The PSA that I found is about two crash test dummies. The purpose of this PSA is to get more people to wear their seatbelts. When people watch this and see the crash test dummies get hurt, they start wearing their seatbelt because they don't want to end up like the dummies. That is why this PSA is effective.

Here is the link to the crash test dummies PSA video:

Monday, April 17, 2017

Why High School is Important

1. Not having a diploma can affect your health greatly. This great effect is very negative. The article says that people who dropped out of high school are more likely to go to jail. These people think that since their life is not going well at that time that they should just stop trying. That is why not having a diploma is bad for your health.

2. Out of four million people, 22.5 percent of these people did not graduate. This is because kids are dropping out the first chance they get, instead of finishing high school. Having this many kids drop out is harmful to society. Just like I said in #1, drop out kids are more likely to commit crimes and go to jail.

3. Many freshmen don't graduate on time. This is because freshman slack off and don't try hard during their first high school year. Freshman year is actually one of the most important years in high school because you are required to do lots of classes in that year. We can fix this by exposing this number and helping freshmen in classes that the are struggling in.

Here is a link that explains why freshman year is important